Local Artists and Movie Tavern Present the World Premiere of “COVER”

To some lucky individuals, being a full-time musician means adoring fans in sold-out venues, record deals and international tours, as well as endless fame and fortune. But to most, being a full-time musician means struggling to make ends meet, playing to half-empty rooms and you make a living playing music, just not your own.

1980199_10203987234787736_8927553991350946304_o (1)“COVER” is a 30-minute film the showcases the daily lives of six bands and singer/songwriters — The Buddy Cash Band, Earthbound Circus, Hannah Zaic, Nancy Micciula, Tom Wang and Kevin McQuiston and the Underpaid Mercenaries — and their experiences in the music industry that most musicians face. “COVER” was shot throughout the Philadelphia region and produced by Kevin McQuiston and directed by Kyle Hudson.

The world premiere of “COVER” will take place on Sunday, May 18 at 8:30 p.m. at the Movie Tavern at Providence Town Center, located at 140 Market St in Collegeville.

Kevin McQuiston, the producer said, “This is the story that needed to be told… not TV song competitions, but the real working musicians who grind in the trenches nightly. This is their story.”

Tickets are $10 and include a live performance by local musicians – Duke Maroon and a Q and A with the artists, producer and director following the show.

Guests are encouraged to arrive 45 minutes prior to their movie showtime. The Movie Tavern combines the dinner and a movie concept, serving a great selection of food and drinks all in-cinema. This is one of the first of many independent films that the Movie Tavern will feature.

“Movie theaters need to look for local artists that do exceptional work and help expose them to the public. We can’t depend on the big Hollywood studios to supply us with rich films, they are limited to what they produce due to their desired economics,” said Jeff White, Movie Tavern General Manager.

There is very limited seating for this one-night only event. Click here to view the film on Vuier.

Photo by The Movie Tavern.