Lancaster County Farm Specializes in Good-for-You Camel Milk

Amos Miller, owner of Miller’s Organic Farm in Bird-In-Hand, Pa., never set out to be in the camel business. In 2010, one of his employees, Ben Stoltzfus, and a friend were discussing their sons’ health complications. His friend noticed an improvement in his son’s health after camel’s milk was added to his diet. The milk came from his cousin Noah’s Turbotville farm, which was the state’s only dairy at the time.

“I kind of laughed at the idea, but after doing some research, I figured it was worth a try,” said Ben. For the next year, they purchased camel milk from Noah and sold it along with another dairy, meat, and dry products through their Amish organic cooperative. The demand grew fast as customers far and wide placed orders, with some customers making the trip to Lancaster County from North Carolina.

It wasn’t long before Noah’s herd could no longer keep up with the demand. Ben and Amos decided to start their own herd and purchased their first camel named Little Bit in April 2011. A month later, they bought their second camel and the third came the next fall. Now, the herd includes a bull, three to four yearlings and five to six milking mommas.

Read the rest of Amos’ story on The Town Dish. Photo by macinate.