Five Lessons from a Converted Cat Person

A few months ago, my husband and I did something that I never thought we’d ever do – adopt two four-month-old kittens named Cosmo and Fluffy!

As an avid proclaimer of “dogs rule and cats drool” this was a huge deal for us. We went to the shelter in search of a canine companion, but our apartment’s breed and size restrictions left us with few choices. After fawning and falling for big dogs, we decided to wait until we had a homestead to call our own to get the perfect dog for us but still wanted to fill the furry hole in our home.

On a whim en route home, we stopped Pets Supply Plus to look adoptable kittens. Before we knew it, we put in an application for an orange furball named Fluffy. By the time our application was approved, we already went back to the store to drop off an application for Cosmo.

Needless to say, it did not take very long for them to convert me to a cat person. These are a few lessons I’ve learned over the past few months living with our new roommates (lesson 1 – while dogs are man’s best friend, cats are roommates).

Take some time to unplug and unwind.

If my husband or I are using a laptop, DS, iPad or phone, chances are pretty high that it won’t be very long before there is a kitten on/near/or blocking said electronic. Fluffy has the right idea, and it’s important to remember be present and unplug often.


The best things in life are simple.

Plastic springs. Pom poms. Soft blankets and a place to snooze. Balls of paper. Boxes and paper bags. These are some of Cosmo and Fluffy’s favorite items. To them, you don’t need a lot of money for items and experiences that bring you great joy!


Be bold.

There is a reason why curious is the perfect adjective to describe cats. Cosmo and Fluffy love to stick their little noses in anything and everything. They aren’t afraid to climb the tallest items in the apartment, leap across furniture and greet everyone they meet. We should all strive to be so bold and seek new adventures every day!


You don’t always have to follow the rules.

Cats do what they want. Cuddle when they want. Come when they want. Sleep when they want. We’ve caught them scaling the Christmas tree, sneaking a slice a pizza out of the box or Fluffy using his sister like a piece of furniture. Sometimes, you have to grab life by the horns and make your own rules!

Two little seven-pound fuzzballs have completed changed our home and hearts. We’ve learned so much and made so many memories in six months and can’t wait to see what the next few months/years/lifetime have in store for us!

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