Event Rewind: CPL’s 25th Birthday Party and Open House

Open House is CPL’s largest event of the year and the only opportunity where CPL opens its doors on a large scale to the public. First, a few cars trickled down the drive at CPL’s Open House on Sunday, October 5. Soon, cars upon cars just kept coming, with a record-breaking turnout of 862 people!

Excited guests piled out of their cars, grabbed their passports, and started to collect stamps and stories at eight mission-centric stations. Guests learned about the breeding program and how puppies are evaluated at The Breeding Program station. They received kisses at the puppy kissing booth and met CPL’s volunteer puppy raisers at the Community Puppy Raising station.

Visitors held our lightweight harnesses at The Harness Shop, watched CPL Training Demos, toured The Kennel and learned the ins and outs of Development and Education Department. Recipients told tales about their life-changing partners at the Home Companion Program and Life with a Service Dog stations.

In between booths, guests did a bit of shopping from a variety of vendors, soaked up the sounds of Ol’422 and tasted some of the finest pulled pork and hush puppies around. Kids celebrated CPL’s 25th birthday party with face painting and birthday party games.

Relive the day with fantastic photos from Robert Buzzard Photography, Richard Weinberg, Kyle Hudson, and Andree Jannette here.