When It Comes To Wedding Flowers, Faux is the Way To Go

Paying to preserve the memories from one of the most important days of your life makes perfect sense to me. However, the idea of overpaying for flowers that will not live beyond the honeymoon is crazier than a barrage of bridezillas at a bridal sale.

After a quick Etsy search (ok, let’s be honest here, no Etsy search is ever quick), I came across a beautiful alternative florist–felt bouquets by Muncle Fred Art and it was love at first sight.

Muncle Fred Art is an Etsy vendor that specializes in custom felt wedding flowers. MFA offers over 75 bridal bouquets, toss bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair flowers, table flowers and flowers for the newlyweds’ love nests. Everything is 100 percent customizable and available in 50 different colors.


When it comes to these hand-crafted beauties, the arrangement is an understatement. For two whole days, high-quality, made-in-the-US, wool-blend felt is cut into up to thousands of pieces, glued together petal by petal, placed on stems, and assembled into bouquets. Bouquets can contain between one and 53 flowers, and a large detailed bouquet can take up to 10 hours. Flowers are sold per stem, ranging from $3-$45 each, and bouquets range from $57-$400.

For Kayla and her girlfriends–Jess, Meghan, and Michaela, Friday nights meant craft nights, creating everything from paintings to crocheted flowers. After a year of craft fair tours and Etsy sales, the ladies realized they needed a niche. When Kayla was planning her wedding, she wanted a beautiful bouquet that would last a lifetime. The girls got to work on their first felt bouquet and have expanded ever since.


Now, Muncle Fred Art carries 17 different types of flowers, from wildflowers to roses, each named after a significant woman in Kayla’s life. Kayla’s hobby has blossomed into a full-time business with her friends still helping by directing photo shoots, handling graphic design, and assembling flowers.

Muncle Fred Art brides extend farther than MFA’s home base in Atlanta, GA. MFA flowers have been walked down the aisle by hundreds of brides in over 30 countries, as far as New Zealand and Hong Kong.  “It’s pretty amazing having my brides take me around the world!,” said MFA owner, Kayla Stagnaro. Learn more about Muncle Fred Art by visiting Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Photos by MizFam Photo Video Design and Muncle Fred Art.